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Our Story

As a team of teenage athletes, we have been through the embarrassment of removing our shoes in public, forcing others to endure our unbearably stinky feet.


These horrific experiences have inspired us to create Freesh Start: a company working to make life better through an all-natural, aromatic, and anti-odor foot spray designed for people on the go. Our luxurious spray is a blend of natural herbs and essential oils designed to make your feet feel refreshed. Some people say that it’s a pump of heaven. 


No need to worry about exposing your feet to your friends in sweaty locker rooms, offices, and cars. Just one spray from our sleek and discreet bottle, then it’s barefoot and go.


Our product is athlete tested and friend approved so if you or someone you know has smelly toes or feet, it’s time for a Freesh Start.


Buy our product today!

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